The Most Powerful Tool You Might Be Wasting.

What’s a vital tool that we all have in common and applies to everything in life? Here’s a hint - some use it poorly, some use it beneficially, and others believe our society simply doesn't allow it. Take a moment, I’ll wait. Figure it out yet?… Choice.

I know, I know, a bit less abstract than what you were probably thinking, and yet maybe a bit more powerful than you were thinking. Listen to it in context - you wake up, but what do you do with your day? You get into an altercation, but how do you react? In a musicians case (woot woot, 1 for the team), you speak to the world, but what do you talk about? Choice is the beginning of everything, right?

Okay, so now that we’re on the same page, I have a question. You ever been around someone with negative energy and thought to yourself, “What’s wrong with this guy? How’d he get so angry? Someone miss the bathroom stall and recolor his new white vans (damn, Daniel!)? All I said was hi, and he gave me the dirtiest look!” Well, you’re not alone. I’ve come to find this all too common. Do me a favor and close your eyes for 30 seconds. Wait! Not yet. First I want you to picture one of those moments as vividly as you can, then keep replaying it… Got it? Okay, now go for it.



Did you remember yourself getting offended by this dude’s rude, crude and skewed demeanor? Well I’m sorry to say, but you took a step toward the devil’s playground. He sucked you in. Hot yet?

The point is, if your next conversation started with, “You’ll never guess what this _**_ing guy did at the store”, then you made the choice to jump on the jungle jim. If you go home with a scar, blame yourself. In the midst of a fortunate misfortune, I didn't realize that until I lost my mind inside of a Best Buy.


I’d finally made up my mind to give my studio a much needed upgrade, and was purchasing a few things for the change. When I got to the counter I decided I didn't want to pay for everything, so after checking the prices I put a few items in what I thought was a go-back basket. What I didn't realize was the basket belonged to a woman standing on my side with bags of outside belongings and tattered clothes. Immediately, she went OFF! After a few failed attempts of polite reassurance that it wasn’t intentional, a few curse words and some ignorant statements about parenting, I found myself making sand castles in the playground.

It’s Einstein’s law of energy conservation in action.

Law Of Energy Conservation

From what the law says - energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be transferred from one party to another. Hmm, sound familiar?


Choice. That'll always be yours! I want to be clear about something - you can't control which emotion you feel, we're human and they're natural. Try it if you want, then write me an email with the caption "You Told Me So." The only thing you can control is what you do with them.

Since you can't control other people's emotions, or your own, why not just take control of the way you react to them; altercation ended, good choice made, peace for your drive home. Fuck that guy. Your shoes weren't pee'd on, why should you be offended?

I'm a perfect example! I'll admit it. I lost my damn mind behind the bullshit that slewed from that lady's mouth. Then in the middle of my response, I stopped, apologized to everyone in the area, then went home and wrote about it. Wanna hear it?

Production Credit: Flying Lotus