You're a 21st Century Alchemist

And probably didn't know it. Everything you’ve done has been considered alchemy. The life you created by the way you’ve lived has all been a product of your alchemic voodoo. No one gave you this life. If you're an adult, you chose it!

The ancient story of alchemy refers to the practice of turning lead into gold, and if we agree, it doesn't mean the physical representation of either. It’s metaphorical. If you don't consider your life golden, you might be turning golden opportunities into lead. Stop it!

Nevertheless, what we’re talking about is no different from that practice - thoughts, beliefs and actions. Your thoughts are the beginning of every occurrence, every change.

You’ve just enrolled in a college course; welcome to Alchemy 101. When you’re finished here, take a moment and read this article on choice (102).

Unless you’ve bored yourself to death, your mind (like mine) is currently running a marathon. I have a constant 24 hour program of what I could do, didn’t do, should’ve done, the money I spent, spirituality, that girl at Freebirds - it’s nonstop. Oh, and lets not forget that this program runs extremely irrelevant, and trivial shit too. And it’s completely normal - you should be cutting that load down day by day - but don’t beat yourself up if you feel like it’s cutting you down. Why? The thoughts aren’t even the problem. The problem is which thoughts we choose to act on. That choice reveals the nature of our alchemic voodoo.

Ever heard the phrase, “The man with the million dollar idea”?… It doesn’t exist, there are just ideas. All he did was choose to act on a thought that happened to produce a million dollars. What about this one… “Everything she touches turns to gold”? Sounds fucking ridiculous, right? I mean, that's some SERIOUS freaky-deaky magical shit.

The truth is that she’s no different than the man before her. She mindfully chooses which thoughts to act on, creating a gold mine out of the opportunity.

I’m sure you wondering… “So what? How does all of this help me?”

Well, remember that time your friend became the star basketball player but you got cut, went home and cried like a bitch? Yeah, grab that chair and let’s talk about it… therapy’s in session.

I get it. We all have these moments - sadness, and experiences that make us question everything we thought we knew about life. And that’s exactly what makes alchemy so powerful! You’re either getting those questions answered, or sitting in the back of life's class with your head down. Either way, there’s a test right around the corner.

The point is, I’m sure your friend wasn't that different. They’ve been through shit just like you have. Just like I have. They didn’t fall out of the womb with nike’s and a headband, dragging the Jordan tongue and putting up 60 points during the “final” game of their high school career. They went through challenging times (experience), learned from their airballs (by choice), practiced their dribble (took action), and cultivated a golden opportunity.

Let’s take action a step further. Think about coal and diamonds for a second. Both are made of carbon (you and your friend - no difference), yet, coal is black and diamond is transparent. I can break coal in my palm, diamond… not so much. $1.50 = coal, diamond = $1,500. Get the point?

It’s not about what you’re made of, or what experiences you have. It’s what you do with what you have, and what you choose to make of those experiences.

If you’re unhappy with something in your life, change it! By choosing to act on the right thoughts, you can propel your life into this unwavering sphere of positivity.

Now… I know it’s not easy to make a change overnight. It’s always easier said than done. Some of us have warehouses of sadness to deal with, and it can be a daunting process. But this is therapy remember… the first step to dealing with it is simple… talk about it.

I’ll go first…

Produced by: Flying Lotus