DoubleTime Radio

"Producing, writing and recording the intro for Double Time Radio was a memorable experience. With this showing airing from our hometown in Los Angeles, Ca, expressed genuine emotions of the coast. We're proud to present a piece which not only mirrors our vision, but the vision of the station as well."
- CoastLine Composers
Listen to DoubleTime Radio now, at:  DoubleTimeRadio

The Basement Radio (92.7 FM)

"Everyone at 92.7 FM who supported this instrumental piece is appreciated. Special thank you's to Pro-Verb, Big D, Sean 1 and Westcoast Angel. As our first time visiting the station, we're thankful for the memories, friendships and partnerships that we've created for the long haul. We'll be back soon."
- Isaiah Hayes (CEO)
Listen to 92.7 FM The Basement now, at:

Inspirational Speakers

"After months of deliberating the rollout of Jie Flowers' "Level Up" video, we concluded the segment with a compositional piece that sits behind his inspirational talk about money and passion. Split into three sections, the composition supports his talk of the most common business problems today, his belief in shifting focus, and the solution that sits right under our noses. Thanks for trusting us with an amazing inspirational video, and life coaching lesson."
- CoastLine Music Group Team
Visit Jie Flowers at: JieFlowers


"We're honored to have music featured in J. Taylor's artistic video, "Future". J. Taylor travels the world delivering art to people in countless states and multiple countries. He's been featured in GQ and Be Great Magazine. So, it's humbling to know that he thinks highly of our art. Thank you J. Taylor."
- CoastLine Music Group Team
Visit J. Taylor at: