Hey! I'm Isaiah, and I live through music.

I know what you’re thinking… “I’ve heard it all before”, but something tells me you don’t hear it as much as you hear it. I get it, we're all tired of the musician who cries wolf. But, I'm not crying wolf, I am the wolf! If you gave me the infamous eye-rolling, teeth-smacking, “yeah right” gesture - I get it… but until you’ve heard my music, how can you be entirely sure?

I’ve been a musician since grade school. No, I don't mean that I've sat behind a machine and pounded a few pads (although I’ve done that too, and it’s great), I’ve been in the trenches since age 6. Want proof?... no problem:

  1. I learned the flute at age 6 in the band of Baldwin Hills Elementary School.
  2. At age 7, I won 3rd place in a 900 student, city wide competition (Los Angeles City Elementary School Music Association).
  3. First flutist in the wind ensemble of Audubon Middle School.
  4. Honestly, flute was always my second choice, so I embraced my first love (Saxophone) at age 12.
  5. At 13, I was in the Music Academy of Alexander Hamilton High School and played flute, saxophone (tenor), piano and drums.
  6. I signed my first publishing contract with Hollowstone-Music/Smash Haus at age 18.
  7. Then, graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Production from Full Sail University.

(Insert wolf howl here)... I live through music.

Interested? Take a listen.