7 Songs to Share with Your Valentine

7 Songs to Share with Your Valentine

There are countless stories about the history of Valentine’s day. Some date back to slavery, and others date back to ancient Rome. The only thing we know for sure is that today, 190 million Valentine greetings are shared, and over 18 billion dollars are spent on the holiday.

Well, we’ve spent absolutely 0 dollars, but countless hours preparing our Valentine gift for you! 

7. A Song For You: Donny Hathaway
The title says it all. If you’re familiar with the CoastLine sound, you know how powerful these lyrics are:

    “And if my words don’t come together
    Listen to the melody
    Cuz my love is in there hiding”

It’s no question that as he sang these words and the instruments danced around his voice, the world around his woman faded, and he became the only view in sight.

6. Come Close: Common ft. Mary J. Blige
While we appreciate this song for its musical qualities, the music video is what puts this song at the top of our list. Hand written love notes and serenading your woman outside of her window is enough to make any woman hyperventilate from emotional overload. But in this video, Common tops it off with a proposal.

…Be careful if you try this with your woman. She may pass out.

5. Lost Without You: Robin Thicke
Voted People Magazine’s sexiest song of 2007. Lost Without You’s latin vibes might make you want to grab your Valentine and two-step. 

4. Anytime, Anyplace: Janet Jackson
Although Janet said, she “don’t care who’s around”, the slow melody, and Janet’s whispering voice makes this a great song to play only when you two are alone.

For millennials, this is the original song from Kendrick Lamar’s “Poetic Justice”. Take a listen with your valentine. It’ll blow your mind.

3. Soul of a Woman: BJ the Chicago Kid
Of course, there’s nothing wrong with celebrating Valentine’s day, but with retail stores pushing pink and red hearts beginning January 2nd, and the pressure to pull off the perfect evening, one can find himself (or herself) loosing sight of what really matters: emotional intimacy with the one you love. Soul of a Woman reminds us to seek what really matters in our partner. 

2. The Canvas: SiR
Roses are red and violets are blue… but when SiR adds color to his woman’s canvas, “red is for the heart” and her eyes are blue. This song makes our Valentine’s Day hit list because of it’s subtle nod to the classic holiday poem. If you listen closely, you can hear the celebration of a love that doesn’t force a person to change, but enhances their beauty. 

1. Adore You: NAO
The vibe is simple, and the message is clear. In her album “For All We Know”, the England-born artist gave us the gift of her “wonky funk” love song that feels familiar, yet novel. Adore You is a straight forward jam that’s perfect for a blossoming romance, or a seasoned love.

O U R   V A L E N T I N E   G I F T   T O   Y O U

Again, if gift giving is your love language (especially if you’re an R&B singer), feel free to download our Valentine’s Day gift to you. Why? Because we love y’all!

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